Point of Sales

The Clover® Solution accepts a wide variety of payment types including:

Apple Pay

(an other contactless payment types)


(chip + PIN; chip + signature)

Credit, Debit and EBT
Card Swipes

(MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and more)

Gift/Gyft Cards

(physical and virtual)

The Clover® Station

Cloud-based to control your business anytime, anywhere

  • Intuitive setup for quick employee training
  • Accept payments using credit and signature debit cards, cash and check
  • Offline mode - process even when the internet is down
  • On-screen signature capture and marketing opt-in check box
  • Ability to email, text, or print receipts - resend and reprint as needed
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out and manager overrides
  • Issue refunds and manage details of historic orders
  • Easy batch-out and closing at end of day
  • Menu changes sync across all devices in real time

The Clover® Station
Optional Accessories

  • Fast, two-color printer, easy to read
  • Print orders in different languages
  • Only compatible with Clover
  • An extra long 50ft LAN cable is also available for purchase, if needed
  • This scale supports up to 20lbs
  • Switches easily between grams and ounces
  • Automatically passes weight information into Clover for a quick and accurate checkout process
  • Virtually any 1D barcode can be captured
  • Allows retailers to easily process loyalty cards, mobile coupons and more
  • High density (HD) barcodes commonly used in specialty retail and electronic component manufacturing
  • Plugs into your Clover Station to accept PIN-based debit transactions.
  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave contactless payment transactions.
  • EMV (including support for both chip-and-PIN as well as chip-and-signature).

The Clover® Mobile

Clover Mobile is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Accept all types of payments from magnetic strip and EMV credit and debit cards to contactless –all without additional equipment or complicated software
  • Protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in TransArmor® solution
  • Easily set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program that drives business using the free PerkaTM solution Punchcard app
  • Manage inventory with advanced software and a built in scanner that makes tracking and replenishing easier than ever
  • Tap into valuable insights about your business with InsighticsSM Free
  • Clover Mobile runs on cloud-based software so your business information is always available on the device or from a computer, tablet or mobile phone

The Clover® Mobile

Optional Accessories

  • Clip onto a belt or place on a flat surface
  • Easily print receipts
  • Wirelessly connect to your Clover Mobile device via
  • Turns your Clover Mobile device into a standing
  • Charges your device while you work
  • Can be secured on a table or the wall
  • Each Clover Mobile comes with a holster clip, for hands-free portability
  • Additional ones may be ordered from your Clover Salesperson

The Clover® Mini

  • Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
    • Swipe (MSR)
    • EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)
    • Contactless (including Apple Pay)
    • PIN Debit
    • Manage tips and pre-auth tabs and cards
    • On-screen signature capture
  • Built-in printer
  • Front-facing camera
  • Barcode and QR code reading (using front-facing camera)
  • 2 connectivity options: Ethernet/Wi-Fi or Ethernet/Wi-Fi/3G.

Optional Accessory:

PIN Shield for Mini
  • Optional accessory to shield PIN entry

The Clover® Free Mini POS Terminal

Simplified countertop POS processing

Free Mini POS Terminal picture
  • Simple payment processing
  • Apply Pay
  • NFC
  • Chip Processing
  • Fast, secure and reliable
  • Built-in Printer

Clover® App Market

4 Different Types of Apps

Pizza Builder

  • Easily manage the pizza ordering process with a fast and user friendly interface.

Commerce Sync for QuickBooks

  • Simplify your accounting in minutes.

Shopify Intergration

  • Save time, save money and sell more.  Focus on making sales instead of juggling them with Patchworks' Shopify.

Loyalty by Perka

  • Perka helps you build lasting, profitable relationships with your customers, directly on their mobile phones.

Clover® Service Plans

FD 2000 Service Plan

Devices: Clover Mini, Clover

Get all the capabilities of a standard credit card terminal, plus more, including:
  • Accept credit and debit cards
  • Includes support for EMV and Apple Pay Refunds
  • Manage tips, tabs, and authorizations
  • Closeout reporting
  • Cloud syncing
  • Optional employee permissions
  • No Charge (functionality only)

Pro Service

Plan Devices: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover

Includes all of the cappabilities of the 2000 Service Plan: Plus additional features that make it easier to keep track of item-level sales and manage your payments:
  • Accept cash and checks
  • Ring up orders
  • Charge tax
  • Apply discounts
  • Create items
  • Manage customers
  • $29.95 per month, per device (full Clover Station features/ functionality and app store access)

Clover® Station Pricing

Clover Station Product Cost (per unit) Fee Per Deployment Lease Cost (Monthly) Lease Term
Clover Station with Cash Drawer (Includes thermal receipt printer) $1398.60 $32.00 + Freight $59.99 48 Months
Clover Station without Cash Drawer (Includes thermal receipt printer) $1398.60 $32.00 + Freight $59.99 48 Months
Clover Cash Drawer $70.00 $25.22 + Freight TBD TBD
Kitchen Receipt Printer - English $418.60 $25.22 + Freight $15.00 48 Months
Weight Scale with cable (Includes power cord) $418.60 $25.22 + Freight TBD TBD
Barcode Scanner $152.60 $25.22 + Freight $15.00 48 Months
Pin Pad (FD40) $245.00 $36.44 + Freight $29.00 48 Months

Clover® Mobile Pricing

Clover Mobile Product Cost (per unit) Fee Per Deployment Lease Cost (Monthly) Lease Term
Clover mobile Bundle (Clover Mobile WI-Fi + 3G, Mobile Printer and Docking Station, includes Holster) $908.60 $32.00 + Freight TBD TBD
Clover Mobile Wi-Fi C200 $558.60 $32.00 + Freight TBD TBD
Clover Mobile Wi-Fi + 3G C201 $628.60 $32.00 + Freight TBD TBD
Clover Mobile Printer P200 (Includes power cord) $182.00 $10.32 + Freight TBD TBD
Clover Mobile Dock K200 $119.00 $10.32 + Freight N/A N/A
Clover Mobile Holster $119.00 Shipping Rates Apply N/A N/A

Clover® Mini Pricing

Clover Mini Product Cost (per unit) Fee Per Deployment Lease Cost (Monthly) Lease Term
Clover Mini with Ethernet and WiFi $488.60 $32.00 + Freight TBD TBD
Clover Mini with Ethernet and WiFi and 3G $558.60 $32.00 + Freight TBD TBD

Clover® Installation Pricing

Clover Product Installation Fee
Clover Professional Insight install
  • $299 flat rate for up to 3 hours of onsite technician labor
  • $85/hour for additional time on site