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Protect your Profits with Aliant Payments

Discover convenient and cost-effective payment acceptance programs through Aliant’s customized debit and credit card processing options:

Easy 1-2-3 Processing

  • 1. Debit, 2. Credit, 3. keyed transactions
  • $0.25 flat transaction fee – no surcharge for keyed transactions
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • Complimentary Card Reader

Custom-Tailored Debit and Credit Card Processing

  • Receive a direct, no-pressure consultation with an experienced Merchant Services Representative.
  • Reduce monthly processing fees by 15-35%.
  • Enjoy pricing created to fit your specific processing needs, NOW.

Already Processing?

Take Our Fee Reduction ChallengeAliant Payment Systems believe we can save you money on your existing merchant account!  How?  Our industry-specific processing solutions allow our customers to process at the most cost-effective rates, resulting in monthly fees at an average of 15-30% lower than our competitor’s fees.

Simply fax your most recent processing statement to 954-252-4613 to take the Aliant Payments Fee Reduction Challenge and receive your complimentary cost analysis and account review.  If we cannot save you money on your account we will send you a check for $100.00.

Not every business fits in the same sized box. Contact Aliant directly to learn how our circle of payment acceptance and pricing options can increase your revenue and bottom line.