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Aliant Payment Systems Announces Strategic Relationship with Merchant e-Solutions

June 22, 2017 7:44 pm Published by

Aliant Payment Systems, a U.S. based provider of merchant services and credit card processing, announced today that it has entered into a strategic processing relationship with Merchant e-Solutions, a Cielo company and leading provider of global payment solutions.

The relationship will allow Aliant to expand its client roster to include accounts with higher annual processing volumes, such as e-commerce, travel, and B2B companies. Additionally, Aliant’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program will benefit from Merchant e-Solutions’ ability to quickly implement custom integrations, expanding the choice of turnkey, certified solutions available to Aliant’s customers.

“Aliant is looking forward to this strategic alliance with Merchant e-Solutions, an experienced leader within the e-commerce industry,” said Aliant CEO Eric Brown. “Their innovative technology, relationship-oriented approach and incredible people were a major factor in our choice to team up.”

“Aliant has a reputation for providing outstanding service and support to their partners and clients,” said Bruce Kirst, executive vice president, Merchant e-Solutions. “We are proud that they have put their trust in us to help them target new merchant segments and grow their business.”

For more information, please contact Casey Kurlander at casey(at)

About Aliant Payment Systems
Aliant Payment Systems is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based credit card processing and independent merchant services provider that has worked with businesses of all sizes for over 14 years. Aliant Payment Systems enables brick-and-mortar, e-commerce and mobile vendors nationwide to accept various payment forms, and it provides a complete line of credit card machines, ATMs and payment technology. To learn more about Aliant Payment Systems, please visit

About Merchant e-Solutions
Merchant e-Solutions helps merchants accept payments anywhere and easily manage all on one platform. Merchant e-Solutions provides a global network and enables merchants to securely do business in multiple channels including in-person, online, and on the go. Our industry-leading technology platform, flexible and customized reporting, and world-class service provide customers, banks, partners and developers with the most comprehensive payment services in the market. Merchant e-Solutions is based in Atlanta, GA and is part of Cielo S.A., Latin America’s leader in electronic payment solutions. To learn more about Merchant e-Solutions, please visit

Need a High-Risk Merchant Account? No Problem!

June 13, 2017 7:34 pm Published by

While some credit card processors are quick to turn down high-risk merchants, Aliant is happy to work with a broad network of financial approval networks to provide assurances in accepting them. Here’s how to determine if you need high risk processing for your business, and if so, how to choose the right payment processing company.

What Are High-Risk Merchants?

Businesses considered high risk are typically in industries associated with high chargeback rates, lots of fraud, or ones that are heavily regulated. Some examples of high-risk industries are e-cigarettes, gambling, telecom, firearms, travel services, electronics, event tickets, dating websites, adult entertainment, direct marketing, nutraceuticals, web software development, international business, and furniture and jewelry online.

Choosing a High Risk Processor

It’s not uncommon for high-risk merchant accounts to get turned away by payment processors. With that said, be cautious of the companies out there that advertise as “high-risk merchant account providers,” as some are just looking to take advantage and charge high risk merchants outrageous rates, simply because they think that they can get away with it.

Aliant is proud to be a highly regarded payment processor that offers accounts to merchants in high-risk industries. If your business falls into the high-risk category, we are happy to work with you and provide flexible terms and conditions, as well as fair rates. With over 14 years of experience in the payment processing industry, we’ll help you to run your business effectively while monitoring fraud and chargebacks, and assist in keeping your costs down.

Click here to learn more about Aliant’s high risk merchant services, and to download our printable High-Risk Checklist and fill out our Moto Pre-Qualification Form.

Payment Processing News Merchants Need to Know About

June 7, 2017 5:55 pm Published by

We’re ready for another productive and successful week of payment processing here at Aliant! But first, we’ve rounded up some of the latest news you need to know about in the world of credit card processing and merchant services! Enjoy!

Consumer Confidence Is Up — Way Up — This Father’s Day

It looks like Dads are getting some extra love (and gifts) this Father’s Day, according to a study by the National Retail Federation (NRF). Total spending for the holiday is expected to hit $15.5 billion– up from $14.3 billion last year. Read the full article here.

Apple Pay Cash to debut this fall as mobile P2P market expands

After months of rumors, Apple has revealed its entry into the person-to-person payments market with an upcoming system that will enable users to complete P2P transactions using iMessage. Apple Pay Cash will be available as part of the iOS 11 update available later this year, and will compete with Venmo, Square Cash and Zelle. Read the full article here.

Visa Study Shows 83 Percent Of Consumers Want New, IoT Ways To Pay

A research study by Visa and uncovered interesting insights in a first-of-its-kind research study to understand the U.S. consumer’s appetite to use connected devices to change the way they buy and pay for things. Read the full article here.

Despite costs, airlines deploy mobile payments to leverage revenue opportunities

A new CellPoint Mobile-commissioned survey of more than 50 airline revenue and payments professionals finds common agreement around revenue opportunities that arise from deploying mobile payment capabilities, even as they cite common challenges for turning payment potential into revenue realities. These findings reflect the opinions of airline payment, e-commerce and mobile commerce managers in North America, Europe and Latin America. Read the full article here.

EMV Accounts for More Than Half of Major-Brand U.S. Cards, New EMVCo Figures Show

The U.S. transition to the EMV chip card standard has had some major bumps in the road, but new statistics indicate encouraging progress. As of the end of 2016, 52.2% of major-brand payment cards in the United States—some 675 million cards—were chip-enabled, double the rate a year earlier, when the EMV card count was 394 million, according to EMVCo. Read the full article here.

What’s the best payment processing-related news you’ve heard recently? Let us know in a comment!


Aliant Payment Systems Hires Kevin Carroll as VP of Partner Development

May 20, 2017 4:42 pm Published by

Kevin-Carroll-Aliant-paymentsAliant Payment Systems, an international leader in merchant services and credit card processing, has added to its roster of industry veterans with the recent hiring of Kevin Carroll as Vice President of Partner Development.

Originally from Bergenfield, New Jersey, Kevin will work at the company’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters and focus on recruiting and networking with experienced independent sales organizations (ISO’s) and agents in the payment industry to grow Aliant’s portfolio.

Kevin joins Aliant from Bank of America Merchant Services, where he was a dedicated Account Manager for one of the largest restaurant franchises in the world. Prior to Bank of America Merchant Services, Kevin worked at First Data Corporation, starting out as a National Account Executive for Chase Merchant Services. In 2002, Kevin trained for the ISO Program, supporting the ISO/MSP’s for Chase Merchant Services, now known as Chase Paymentech.  When First Data and Chase Payment parted ways in 2008, he went back to First Data and continued his focus on training and support for the First Data Independent Sales Channel, now known as Ignite Payments.

In his spare time Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, jogging and being in good company. Please join us in welcoming him to the Aliant family!

What is a Chargeback, and How to Prevent Them

May 4, 2017 4:53 pm Published by

Most merchants understand how important it is to accept credit and debit cards in today’s world. Not only does the average American carry less than $50 cash on a daily basis, but a study has shown that consumers spend 12-18% more when paying with credit cards over cash.

One downside to accepting credit and debits cards is chargebacks, which every merchant will likely experience at some point. Chargebacks can be a serious headache for any business, as they can be costly and could result in your account being cancelled and flagged as fraudulent.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a credit card holder files a complaint with their issuing bank regarding a fraudulent or suspicious charge on their statement. From there the bank investigates whether or not the charge was fraudulent. If the merchant can’t prove that the transaction was legitimate, the bank will take that amount from the merchant and charge and additional chargeback fee.

Merchants have the option to dispute the chargeback, but this can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to resolve. Disputing chargebacks can be a significant and unproductive use of time and resources, and if your business is hit with a lot of chargebacks, your account can be cancelled and flagged as fraudulent.

How to prevent chargebacks

Not only can chargebacks be costly for merchants, but dealing with them can be a huge waste of time and energy. It is best to try to prevent chargebacks altogether, if possible. Here are some ways that merchants can combat them:

  1. Use a recognizable name as your credit card descriptor. This will prevent customers from filing claims simply because they don’t recognize the name of your business on their credit card statement.
  2. If a customer is unhappy, offer a refund. This can help you avoid going through the process of a chargeback, which will most likely result in returning the money to the customer anyway.
  3. Make it easy for your customers to find information on your website, including clear descriptions and images of your products/services, your return and refund policy, and customer service contact information. That way, when customers are confused by a charge, they can reach out to investigate the claim. By being available to talk and resolve issues, chargebacks can be prevented.

Here at Aliant, we are proud to offer technology that supports credit, debit, electronic check, chip cards, and mobile wallet applications like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. To learn more, or to get started, contact us or call us at 888.638.6103.

Payment Processing News Merchants Need to Know About

May 2, 2017 11:13 am Published by

Good morning (or afternoon or evening). We’ve rounded up some of the latest news you need to know about in the world of credit card processing and merchant services! Enjoy!

First Data Launches New Clover Flex

Aliant is excited to be one of the first credit card processors to offer the latest product from First Data, called Clover Flex. The new Clover Flex is a portable POS device that offers merchants ultimate flexibility for their payment and point of sale needs. It accepts EMV smartcards, PIN entry, EMV contactless (NFC), and swipe, and can be used in line, at the table, at the counter or on the go. Click to read more.

Apple Reportedly Working (Again) on Mobile P2P Service

Apple reportedly is seeking to reignite the idea of launching its own mobile person-to-person payment service that would compete with Venmo, Square Cash and Zelle. Click to read more.

Ecommerce Fraud To Surge, Says Radial Data

Some not-so-great news for retailers: credit card fraud is on the rise in the eCommerce arena- up 200% in Q1 of this year. The new data from Radial also showed that overall fraud is up 30 percent year over year. The highest increases in online fraud since August 2016 were found to be in electronics, entertainment, jewelry and sporting goods. Click to read more.

UPS Wants Retailers To Pay For Unfilled Space

UPS is looking to test a new pricing model in which the cost of empty space during the holidays is covered by retail partners. The move, which comes as part of broader negotiations with retailers over peak delivery seasons, looks to address major retailers who order capacity for forecasted shipments but then fail to meet expected volumes. Click to read more.

The mobile app security risk is growing

The very nature of the mobile payment process – with its multiple entities and electronic handoffs – gives rise to security issues. A new article on Mobile Payments Today outlines some of these security risks, and what merchants and retailers can do to protect themselves. Click to read more.


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